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Casting Stones 

Continuous commentary on theology, the world, and how we are a part of both. 

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When those that should be good aren't, and those that are labeled "bad" turn out to be the saints. 


In a faith-based environment, why are Christians so determined to fight amongst themselves? 

Image by Nina Strehl
Image by Zulmaury Saavedra


Part one of a two-part series on heaven and hell, and how the ideas of these places have changed over time. 


Part two of my series looks at how our ideas of heaven and hell have changed.

Image by Jr Korpa
Image by Roman Kraft


Is money what makes value? Or is it the condition of the heart?


Hatred doesn't come from anywhere other than the heart. Fix that, and maybe (just maybe) we can have a little hope.

Image by Europeana
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