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Leslie Anne Lee 

Official Website, Portfolio, and Book Store 
of Best Selling Author of Several Books 

The Rock and the Wind 

Now Available!
Child of Dawn

and coming in Fall 2024
Silken Waters

Something Magical is Sailing in Fall 2024

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The Rock and the Wind

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Demons in the Hog Shed 

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Child of Dawn 


Notable Appreciation

"There is something absolutely magical in reading [her] work. One of my greatest appreciations for Demons in the Hog Shed was the way [she] shifted between the past and present narratives. It was as if [she] hit the perfect note in a rhythmical melody, the note the listener or, in this case, the reader was craving to experience at just the right moment in time. 
Thank you for believing in yourself, thank you for following your creative spark and being an inspiration to all women (especially mothers) in proving that creativity is available for us no matter what chapter we are at in our journeys.” 


Future of Minds 

Atticus in The Rock and the Wind is both a problem and a promise. He makes us believe that average people can find love. But he is a problem in that we can never quite get enough of him... or his red plaid shirt.

Ms. Lee is an old soul writing for a new world. She crafts both storytelling and story-sharing into a perfect web of enchantment I want to get stuck in. 

Cynthia Meritt

Diane Mark

In The Press



Leslie Anne Lee has been writing almost as long as she has been walking. She wrote her first book at age six, and won her first award in the second grade. She loves all sorts of different authors, but her favorites are Charles Dickens, Emily Bronte, C.S. Lewis, and Leon Uris. 

Besides writing novels, Ms. Lee also writes poetry, Op- Ed pieces, and literary essays. She also is a consummate actor and dancer. She lives with her family in Fresno, Ca., but would love to be somewhere else. Somewhere with much more "scope for the imagination." 


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